Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cadillac Set to Increase the Prices of Its Vehicles in the Coming Years

Cadillac has confirmed that the brand is planning to increase the prices of their vehicles in the coming years and this plan will most likely happen.
According to a number of reliable sources, Cadillac's plan of boosting the prices of its vehicles up was triggered by the rising cost of raw materials, vehicle components or the costs of labor involved in producing luxury vehicles. The planned increase was basically due to the brand's intention to take its luxury credentials to a higher level and somehow match the prices of its rivals from Europe such as the Mercedes Benz and BMW.
In lieu of this particular plan, Don Butler who is the current vice president of Cadillac explained that there is great need for the brand to increase the prices of its vehicle so as to re-establish Cadillac's status as a producer of luxury vehicles.
In a statement, Butler cited the Cadillac CTS as a good example of how the brand's car models are priced way below its European rivals. According to Butler, the current base price of the CTS is about $8000 lower than its closest competitor which is the BMW 5-Series and this price difference could be considered as a great deal for luxury car shoppers who want to earn larger savings. However, by looking at the situation from the luxury market's point of view, the lower base price of CTS could become a great issue since selling a luxury car at a very low price diminishes its value and this could also turn the CTS to a common vehicle rather than a luxurious one.

Significant Features of the 2013 Toyota Avalon

The 2013 Toyota Avalon was introduced as a fully-redesigned model and serves as an indication that Toyota is quite serious with its commitment to build more interesting car models once again.
Since the 2013 Toyota Avalon is a fully redesigned version of its predecessors, a lot of car experts and buyers are expecting that this vehicle would offer a number of exciting features that other Toyota sedans have failed to provide. Luckily, the Avalon will most likely live up to these expectations, given the fact that the company's engineers and vehicle developers spent a lot of time in upgrading the Avalon's features.
Starting off with the vehicle's exterior design, the 2013 Toyota is equipped with a wider lower grille, distinctive hood channels and narrower headlight lenses. These components made the Avalon look more intimidating as well as forceful. The vehicle's rear on the other hand is adorned by a new set of LED taillights that extend all the way to the vehicle's trunk lid and connected by a carefully-designed chrome strip. With this set-up, the vehicle's rear looked elegant and quite upscale.