Thursday, October 8, 2009

Notes on the Songs

It is so liberating to sing aCorolla.

reason I feel like singing is she gets 39 miles to the gallon

at 68 mph on the Interstate, 1999 economies exceed the

Federal CAFE standard of 2022 by 4 mpg.

Listen, I know I can't sing. But I can feel like it.

It has been much fun to record the songs of aCorolla at my Kitchen table

this April, a happy month that I felt like singing and composing.

I loved making "Album Cover" for aCorolla,

cellphone pic, email, photoshop, color printer,

What democracy in these inexpensive and powerful tools!

I liked having the recording process of "my new album"

to speak of in current terms to friends and acquaintances.

Then I would explain that aCorolla was a compendium and celebration

of 30 years of song creation while driving.



Like there ain't enough junk in New Orleans









Hurricane Burger King

Exhibition Opportunities for Visual Artists in New Orleans

Old Nissy


a Man

Alma Mae

Charlie Feathers

used to play this club in Phenix City Rozalyn wanted to visit

as we were headin up we met a comin down

a Diminutive dressed as a clown

with a bloody nose

and he was crying

so we Didn't

Both Roz and I commenced to a squat

she took of his hat and gave him a hug

reached for my head and surprised me to say

dry your eyes my little Prince

I want you to try

on your new Fedora

Sugar Buddy


The Tree I Loved

The Tree I loved made my swing

Sheltered Birds whose chorus of song

furnished dreams and astonished dawns

of days I knew would be good and long

The Tree I loved

gently swayed and gave me shade

made of leaves that fell and pleased

Mr. Jeffrey I should rake

The Tree I loved

rescued Rivers, the desultory country mouser

the dogs chase after

Kenneth Goldsmith Sensorium Bulk Direct Factory Outlet Store

Property Hand Blood Clotting Thing

Salt Lagoons

oh the amnesty of magazines in waiting rooms

the phlebotomists name is Manny

c's my veins and calls me money

I wish you'd a stuck to me

that'd been some softly bobbin swim

down there in the salt lagoons


a Boat


Chrome Girl

Sitting Dub

Fixin New Orleans

Ductaped Over

A Lot of Ways



Little Baggies


Andrew, I found this thing for you (repeat)
Andrew, I found this very certain thing for you
I lifted it off the street it had been flattened
by the tires of great big trucks
I thought of you Andrew and how you like this stuff
it is an index of that very asphalt
you can see what it was and you can see what it is
so Andrew I found this thing for you

Anyone Can Drive My Car


Avoid fried foods which angry up the blood
If your stomach disputes you lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts
Keep the juices flowing y jangling around gently as you move
Go very light on the vices, the social ramble ain't restful
Avoid running at all times
Don't look back something might be gaining on you

Former Single Best Thing Ever

You're my former single best thing ever baby
and you can tell him
he might like to notice he got the girl
that the other is done
and the other is gone
and maybe he's got friends a plenty
I like to count mine
and You're my former single best thing ever baby
and those sure were some purt dang dawg
circles that we spun
a year comes around and I set to the table
you called me the King of Quesedilla
and flows my pen to your name again, cause
You're my former single best thing ever baby
and you can tell him calling about a recipe
is just fine and that birthday cake of yours
I baked in the month of July
well that's alright
the reason why my Valentines
stand the test of time
is You're my former single best thing ever baby
and those driftwood shapes that spell your name
were free, just lying on our beach
for me to walk by and see
You're my former single best thing ever baby
I knew the postcard of Kitty
would lighten your way

Chicken in a Jar

Things I do on the side

Lyrics by Robert Seven


Are You Straight Enough to Play the Game with Me?

To stand straight on the line and caress a beautiful

Sphere you will softly let fly the finest Rainbow

You can find

For the Hoop where the Net rests so Still

Just to congratulate your skill,


So are you straight enough to play the game with me

in the Catastrophe Basketball Free-Throw League of New Orleans

Animated by 92 natural elements of the story around here

Many times washed by the good young hands of Kyle Molere

A boy who lost all his own in New Orleans East

Inspired by John Cage, compounded with Armour All for Tires

All we ever aim for here Is to stay behind the Charity Stripe

and Revere these uniquely satisfying aesthetic objects of

an Immense Tragedy

To form and fashion the arcs you may call your own

A call to quiet and sober the mind

So are you straight to play the game with me

Then I suggest you quit hanging out at the Tattoo Parlor

And put that cigaret out right now

Nor dare may you stamp it out on this Court

Blessed by the observation of Wijarn Suranamee

On the eve of the Once Every 13 Years Flood

22 November 1988 in Nakon Si Thammarat

That Time and Water Wait for No Man

You see,

You Have to be Straight to Play this Game with Me

Walkin south to Point Conception

I'm the latest in latent image keepin

I always reach for iridescence

Ain't that just a pretty thing to find

There she was at 17th and Geary

Waiting for the bus and not a little weary

I offered my hand and told her my name

Come to find out life would never be the same

Ain't that a just and pretty thing to find

I carry a sack so I can bring things back

Deeply sifting pebbles surely is madness

Unless you are solely searching for quantities of driftglass

good for filling jars and making wind-chimes too

real nice, not that special

I keep to the top of the line of the tide

That's where the rightest now resides

Ain't that just the best thing to find

Jalamalithic Coins, Buttons and Stackers

another Nilla Wafer, like to fill a bowl

That rock looks like a Flint-Stones home

Thats too dumb I'm going to leave it alone

A lot of these are the size of eggs

Fit inside an organic free range hens

Recycled paper crate, wonder if I might

Fetch an even dozen, wouldn't that

Be just a funny thing to find

All of a week spelling her name

Fingertips tappin into my palm

A four letter fever, over and again

Sometimes seven, her middle name is Ann

Can we start doing things consecutive days

We rode on my Seca, Mission to Geneva

for Mom is Cooking's Sopa de Tortilla

Ain't that just a pretty way to dine

In 1543 Conception blew a storm broke Cabrillo's arm

and the Spaniard died

Five miles to reach the Point

Eyes a-peeled for the Holy Grail

a Latex shield in the shape of a man

Once I found a coke can come from Japan

Walked it back to camp dropped it in the trash

That is not a pretty thing to find